PTS Opens a Weblog known as BlogFlex

PTS is proud to have created this weblog for our customers and partners.  The purpose of the BlogFlex weblog is to allow our customers and partners to share information about the products and services from PTS, and to therefore improve their joint experiences with our products and services; and of course for PTS to learn how we can better serve our customers and partners.  We invite all of our customers and partners to use the BlogFlex to share information on the products and services from PTS (good and bad).

Thank you very much.

Curtis Miller, President

PTS reserves the right to remove BlogFlex entries that are inappriopriate for publication.


One Response to “PTS Opens a Weblog known as BlogFlex”

  1. Roger Bradley says:

    I strongly suggest that you include more information in your website about the PTS ability to begin customers with a very inexpensive integrated variable data printing system and how easy it is to expand that system. I started with a simple barcode printing system that you installed on my existing narrow web press. When one of my customers called asking if I could print inventory control cards for them, PTS was able to expand my system at a very reasonable cost by adding more imaging pens and a few more brackets.

    In the past, I lost customers when I outsourced VDP jobs. Thanks to PTS I can keep my customers by providing for more of their printing needs. Because I could afford to get my foot in the door with a small VDP system and expand it, I am growing my company.

    Recently, one of my customers inquired about having us print a personalized invoice application. When we have the contract I’ll be needing another 4 imagers!

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