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We are providing these download files for our sales prospects, customers, and partners.  Accessing these download files will require that you have some basic knowledge of how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader ( and Winzip (  The files noted with an asterisk (*) will require a password from PTS to open.  Please contact PTS to obtain this password.  If you need any assistance to download any of these files, please contact PTS.


Current Product Downloads:

PTS Product Overview (1.4 MB)
JetFlex 2500 Sales Brochure (728 kB)
JetFlex 2500 Software V1.50.3 Build 205 (31 MB)*
JetFlex 2500 Software V2.0 Build 49 (81 MB)*
JetFlex 2500 User Manual (2 MB)*
JetFlex 2600 Sales Brochure (159 kB)
JetFlex 2800 Sales Brochure (160 kB)
ImageFlex User Manual (1.02 MB)*
ImageFlex Software V5.9.7 (11 MB)*
JetFlex 3000 Sales Brochure (161 kB)
JetFlex 3000 Software V5 Build 188 (89 MB)*
JetFlex 3000 Service Manual(19 MB)*
JetFlex 5000 Sales Brochure (152 kB)
JetFlex 6000 Sales Brochure (159 kB)
RIPFlex PDF RIP Software (6 MB)
RIPFlex PDF RIP Hasp Drivers (5 MB)
VeriFlex Sales Brochure (155 kB)
VeriFlex Sales Presentation (3.5 MB)
FuserFlex Sales Brochure (159 kB)
InkFlex Sales Brochure (160 kB)
WebFlex Sales Brochure (181 kB)
SheetFlex Sales Brochure (1 MB)
CardFlex Sales Brochure (145 kB)

Legacy Product Downloads:

ElectroFlex JSC V2.41 (457 kB)
ElectroFlex JSC V2.45 (2 MB)
ElectroFlex JSC V2.46 (4 MB)
ElectroFlex JSC V2.47 (4 MB)
ElectroFlex PPW V2.41 (457 kB)
ElectroFlex PPW V2.45 (1.8 MB)
ElectroFlex PPW V2.46 (3.5 MB)
ElectroFlex PPW V2.47 (3.5 MB)
ElectroFlex Barcode Fonts (176 kB)
ElectroFlex Languages (284 kB)






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