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FuserFlex - Inkjet Drying Systems

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The FuserFlex products from PTS include a whole range of IR dryers and UV curing systems for virtually any inkjet drying or curing application. The IR dryers are offered with various drying widths and power densities, and can be mounted in the horizontal or vertical orientations. The UV curing systems are offered with various curing widths and power densities, and can be mounted in various orientations. The IR drying and UV curing systems can be offered with automatic power level control as a function of system speed.  PTS also offers hybrid IR/UV drying systems upon special request.

Applications Include:

  • Paper substrates
  • Coated substrates
  • Synthetic substrates
  • Foil substrates
  • Water-based inks
  • Solvent-based inks
  • Oil-based inks
  • Organic-based inks
  • UV curable inks


  • IR drying widths from 1.5” to 24”
  • IR drying lengths from 10” to 38”
  • IR drying power from 3 kW to 91 kW
  • IR power densities from 100 to 281 W/sq. in.
  • UV curing widths from 8” to 18”
  • UV curing densities from 200 to 400 W/in
  • UV curing light shutter for instant on/off
  • UV curing light shield is standard
  • Optional cold UV curing capability
  • Automatic power level control as a function
    of speed

FuserFlex Downloads:

We are providing these download files for our sales prospects, customers, and partners.  Accessing these download files will require that you have some basic knowledge of how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader ( and Winzip (  The files noted with an asterisk (*) will require a password from PTS to open.  Please contact PTS to obtain this password.  If you need any assistance to download any of these files, please contact PTS.

FuserFlex Sales Brochure (159 kB)


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