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We are dedicated to fulfilling customer expectations for leading-edge variable data printing (VDP) solutions, and providing the very best in customer service. Please contact PTS for assistance to determine what additional options that you might need for your application. Our team of professional electrical, mechanical, and software engineers and technicians have over 100 years of combined experience in equipment design and deployment for the printing industry, and they can also develop customized solutions for almost any VDP application. All of our products are designed for global deployment, and are compliant with international mechanical and electrical safety standards.


JetFlex - Flexible Inkjet Systems

The JetFlex™ family of inkjet printing systems offer unprecedented flexibility for printing variable data information on continuous webs and cut-sheets.  We offer HP and Lexmark thermal inkjet printing systems, and the Konica Minolta piezo inkjet printing systems.

VeriFlex - Image Verification Systems

The VeriFlex™ family of image verification systems offer image recognition and verification capability for human readable numbers and 1D and 2D barcodes.  The VeriFlex systems can be integrated with the JetFlex™ inkjet printing systems, or they can be offered as stand-alone systems.

FuserFlex - Inkjet Drying Systems

The FuserFlex™ family of products provides Infrared (IR) dryers and UV curing systems for drying and curing the various InkFlex inkjet ink products that are offered by PTS. We offer a full line of IR dryers and UV curing systems.

InkFlex - Inkjet Ink Solutions

The InkFlex™ family of inkjet ink products includes a broad range of inks for all of our JetFlex inkjet printing systems, including water-based inks, solvent-based inks, and UV curable inks

WebFlex - Web Inkjet Printing Systems

The WebFlex™ family of products offer web transports for inkjet printing applications.  We offer tight web and slack web transport systems.

SheetFlex - Cut-Sheet Inkjet Systems

The SheetFlex™ family of products offers cut-sheet feeding, transport, and stacking capability.  A typical SheetFlex system includes a vacuum pile feeder, lateral sheet registration conveyor, precision vacuum transport conveyor, and pile delivery stacker with re-shingle capability.

CardFlex - Card Inkjet Printing Systems

The CardFlex family of products offers phone card and gift card inkjet printing capability, and include card feeders, magnetic strip encoding and verification, inkjet printing and image verification, scratch-off application and verification, and defect card rejection.

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