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VeriFlex - Image Verification Systems

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Barcode Scanners: 1D barcodes of all types
  2D barcodes of all types
(speed and dimension limitations, contact PTS for details)
Area Scan Cameras: Monochrome or Color, 30 Frames/sec (typical) Viewing area = 4” x 4” typical
Line Scan Cameras: Monochrome or Color 2K, 4K, and 8K Pixels Wide (typical) Line Rates up to 36 kHz, 600 FPM@300 DPI
Line Speed: 600 FPM (183 MPM) maximum
(speed limitations exist for certain applications)
Processing Speed: 2 msec per ROI (Region of Interest)
ROIs per Page: 250+ ROIs per page
(limited only by computer speed and line speed)
Image Types: Human readable numbers, 1D and 2D barcodes
(no pre-print or other background allowed within ROIs)
Computer: Intel dual quad-core processors (8 cores)
  4 GB RAM, 1333 MHz FSB, 250 GB Hard Drive
  DVD/CD R/W Drive, 2 Ethernet Ports, Windows XP Pro OS
Software: Image Verification Server, multi-threaded, licensed
  Inkjet interface module
  Product Tracking module
  Product Verification module
  Product Read Module
  Software Maintenance Agreement


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