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VeriFlex - Image Verification Systems

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The VeriFlex image verification systems provide for image recognition and verification of variable data print jobs, for both human readable numbers and 1D and 2D barcodes.  The VeriFlex systems can utilize barcode scanners, area scan cameras, and line scan cameras.  The VeriFlex system can be integrated with the JetFlex inkjet printing systems from PTS, and supports Print-Verify, Read-Print, Read-Print-Verify, and Verify Only capabilities.  The VeriFlex system can also be integrated with other non-PTS inkjet printing systems.

Applications Include:

  • Numbering
  • Barcodes
  • Gaming
  • Tickets
  • Tags
  • Labels
  • Mission Critical Jobs
  • Invisible Inks
  • Security Inks


  • Highly flexible configuration allows for Print-Verify, Read-Print, Read-Print-Verify, and Verify-Only capabilities
  • Allows for use of barcode scanners, area scan cameras, and line scan cameras
  • Can be integrated with JetFlex inkjet printing systems from PTS, and other inkjet printing systems
  • Continuous web and cut-sheet applications
  • Bad Product Marking capability for web applications
  • Divert Gate capability for cut-sheet and card applications
  • Log files are generated for verified and non-verified print data
  • Automatically creates re-print files
  • Error interlocks can stop printing on image verification errors
  • Ideal for mission critical applications
  • State-of-the-Art digital camera and image recognition technology

VeriFlex Downloads:

We are providing these download files for our sales prospects, customers, and partners.  Accessing these download files will require that you have some basic knowledge of how to use Adobe Acrobat Reader ( and Winzip (  The files noted with an asterisk (*) will require a password from PTS to open.  Please contact PTS to obtain this password.  If you need any assistance to download any of these files, please contact PTS.

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